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Healthy Recipes

Friday is healthy recipes day at My Training Supplements! Every Friday a member of our team has to bring in their own creations for the rest of us to try, be it bodybuilding or high protein recipes, or low carb and low fat recipes, anything healthy that would complement a balanced diet when trying to achieve a personal goal. View some of efforts so far below!

Banana and Honey Sandwich Recipe

Tasty banana and honey sandwich recipe

This banana and honey sandwich recipe is great for kickstarting your day and providing optimal levels of energy or as a post workout snack! Containing optimum amounts of protein, low Gi carbs and natural sugars, it provides key muscle building ingredients and a blend of slow and fast absorbing carbohydrates.

Banana and Strawberry Protein Bars

Banana and Strawberry Protein Bars

Have a go at making these banana and strawberry protein bars. If they turn out right, you will not be disappointed!

Banana Protein Muffins

Banana Protein Muffins

These banana protein muffins take very little preparation and taste great. They are certainly a lot healthier than a standard muffin!

Banana Protein Pancakes

Healthy pancake recipe

These banana protein pancakes are an excellent idea for breakfast! Much healthier (and tastier) than conventional pancakes. You’ll like them so much you will be eating them throughout the whole day.

Banana, Strawberry and Oats Protein Cake

Banana, Strawberry and Oats Protein Cake

Looking for something a little different and tastier to enjoy for some pre workout energy? Try this banana, strawberry and oats protein cake.

Breakfast Mixed Berry Yoghurt

Breakfast Mixed Berry Yoghurt

Start your day in a healthy way with this highly nutritional, muscle building and immune protecting mixed berry yoghurt!

Cheerio And Dried Fruit Protein Bars

Healthy Cheerio protein bars

These protein bars are made with mulit-grain Cheerios making them even healthier as well as incredibly tasty! Just chuck everything into a bowl and mix together.

Chocolate Chip Protein Brownies


These Chocolate Chip Brownies taste as good as the ones you find in the dangerously tempting area of the supermarkets! Except they have minus all the sugar, are protein packed and make tasty and convenient snacks anytime of the day

Chocolate Protein Mousse

Chocolate protein mousse

Really simple chocolate protein mousse. Packed full of the good stuff and perfect for repairing your damaged muscles for new growth. Need we say more

Chocolate Protein Peanut Butter Balls

Chocolate Protein Peanut Butter Balls

Quick, simple and highly addictive chocolate protein peanut butter balls. You may soon find yourself making a second batch!

Cottage Cheese Pikelets

Pikelets recipe

Get the slow release benefits of cottage cheese without eating it directly from the container (we know, most people find it disgusting!). The beauty of these healthy cottage cheese pikelets is you can sread anything on top (peanut butter… go on, we know you want to!)

Eggnog Protein Shake

Eggnog Protein Shake

Eggnog is always a popular beverage in the States, especially around Christmas time. Try this Eggnog protein shake and your old protein shakes will be a thing of the past!

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