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Workout Routines

Are you unsure which bodybuilding routine or general workout routine to follow for weight loss, power and strength or overall fitness and conditioning? You will never find a perfect training routine, what works for one may not work for others. You have to pick one or design your own and stick to it at least for a few weeks, there is no point changing it around all the time if you think it is not working; you need to give it chance. Nevertheless, this does not mean you cannot mix your exercises up every now and then, and if you feel your routine is working and hit a brick wall, then it is time for a change.

View some bodybuilding and workout routine examples designed to suit specific goals below, ranging from full body workouts to old school single muscle group splits.

Bicep Workout Routine

Bicep workout routine

If you feel your biceps are lagging behind your other body parts, try this bicep isolation routine for a few weeks to give them a bit of a shock and boost some serious muscle growth. If you struggle to lift your post workout shake, you know you have trained them well.

Example 5 Day Workout Routine (Single Muscle Group Split)

Example training routine

This split muscle group routine is perhaps more suited to the more experienced trainer who already has decent size and technique when it comes to lifting. Although you will be training over 5 days efficient rest is allowed between training chest, shoulders and triceps then back and biceps (where secondary muscle groups are involved).

Hypertrophy Push Pull Workout Routine

Example training routine

This push / pull workout is excellent for hypertrophy and overall conditioning. Concentrating on the biggest and most explosive compound moves whilst keeping the reps in the optimal 6 to 12 rep range, it is designed to build the most muscle in the shortest time possible.

Periodisation Weight Training Routine

Periodisation workout routine

Hit a brick wall in your resistance training? Shock your muscles into some serious growth with this 18 week periodisation weight training routine.

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