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Buy creatine supplementsCreatine is a natural occurring amino acid found in the human body. About 95% of creatine can be found in the skeletal muscle system, with the remaining 5% in the brain, heart and testes.

Creatines main purpose is to help the body to produce energy, however there is also evidence it supports muscle growth. How does it do this? Supplying you with extra energy allows you to train even harder meaning more protein synthesis stimulated. Additionally, creatine allows the cells in the muscle to hold additional water making it 'volumised' and giving the 'pumped' feeling.

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The more 'volumised' or 'pumped' the muscle is, the more protein synthesis is promoted and the breakdown of protein is discouraged. Increased levels of Glycogen synthesis (primary source of fuel used by muscles for energy production) are also stimulated by increased volumisation.

Creatine can be consumed through meats, fish, dairy products, egg whites and various nuts. The body can store large quantities of creatine to support recovery and the building of lean muscle, however it can be quite difficult in consuming enough without the use of supplements.

Creatine supplements have become very popular in the sports nutrition field in supporting all forms of training. They can be used by people looking to improve stamina, become stronger, or build lean muscle. If you buy creatine and use for the first time you can expect to feel a difference within 5-10 days.

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